Weddings and Brides Gallery

Beautiful wedding Photography for the memories of those special moments, shown in wonderful Portraits and Wedding Albums. Images for you to remember in your own quiet moments and to share at other times with your family and loved ones. We at C. Smith Photography anticipate that exciting day when your wedding dreams become your wedding, and we are there to photograph that beautiful day.

Family Gallery

Your family portrait tells everyone how much you value and love your family, and it reassures your children that whatever happens, they have the love and support in their home and caring family. The Smith's enjoy creating these exceptional portraits.

Senior Gallery

Seniors... its your turn. The choice is yours, this year is like no other and you have the right to do your portraits at your choice of studio. Think of it, you can have your portrait with your favorite outfits, uniforms, your car, your pet, etc etc etc. Call us for more information.

Children's Gallery

Time passes so fast. In what seems to be just a moment, the child you are holding will be holding your grandchild! Because that child is so precious, get more than the ordinary picture, it is our pleasure at C. Smith to create portrait studies capturing and preserving this wonderful world of children.

Portrait Gallery

Beautiful painting, or fine photographic image you can show character, or preserve a moment, a mood, a time, a place... hold those memories, kept forever new. Darrell and Rosemarie look forward to creating your portrait with imagination and sensitivity.