Charles Darrell and Rosemarie Smith
Professional Photographers
Darrell is a Professional Photographer with two years at TSTI in Waco, TX. Graduating with an associate in Instructional Media. He worked for one year at TSTI Instructional Media Department as a photographer and also taught a class in photography. He spent six years working for United Church Directories as a photographer (60,000 sittings). 23 years at C. Smith Photography in Georgetown, Texas.


Why is our portraiture so beautiful?

Only with careful planning with you, our clients, can we succeed in portraying character, creating a mood, and expressing relationships. That's why we involved you in planning your portraits, all the way from determining your photographic needs, to what your artistic desires are, to the completion of the final presentation with artwork and framing. This is what makes our portraits so pleasing to our clients and so rewarding to us as we create exceptional portraiture.

With your input and help, your portrait will be a proud image for you to show and to use as a decorative point of interest in your home or office, it will be subtle but reflect your mood and taste. It will be an appropriate expression of your lifestyle.

Darrell Smith
C Smith Photography
1208 South College
Georgetown, TX 78626